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Xbox 360 question

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Dell usually has a decent price on 360's, but around this time of the year stock may be limited, or gone. Right now, they have the 360/Kinect/1-year Xbox Live subscription bundle for $339, which is probably close to what most retailers are selling it for. Slickdeals.net will be on-the-ball when good deals come out on game systems.


If you are planning on downloading full-size games from the Marketplace (not sure if Kinect games are available on there yet) or installing disk games on the hard drive to save wear and tear on the system, a 4GB will NOT be sufficient. You can save data (up to 16GB, I think) on a USB drive, but videos and downloadable content must be stored on a hard drive.


Personally, we would not be able to use a 4GB system, but we use our Xbox 360 heavily and download videos, map packs, song content, and demos frequently. If it's being primarily used for Kinect games and non-multiplayer games, you could purchase this one and upgrade to a hard drive later. However, the hard drives for an Xbox are VERY expensive, compared to buying the system with one pre-installed.


That all being said, DH has not been successful in convincing me to upgrade our older model system, so perhaps someone who has a newer model with Kinect can give you better advice. :-)

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