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HELP? tried to update a FS post.....didn't change my subject...what did I do wrong?


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The inside post was edited and the preview of my post showed the changes in the subject line, but there doesn't seem to be any change to the subject in the new post, telling people that I updated my prices and broke up my sets.

Thanks so much!

Still a newbie at this. :bigear:




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Did you use the 'Go Advanced' button when you edited. That's the only way to update the subject, I believe. I also suspect that it might not work perfectly. I seem to have a memory....

Yep, I used the go advanced.

Oh welll............

That has been very typical of my whole week with the internet :glare:(trying to shop online, email being bought out by another company, etc. etc....)


Thanks for sharing.:001_smile:

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