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Mmmmmmm...cant help you, but I just had liver, bacon and eggs for breakfast.

I get my organic liver- frozen- at our local organic shop, which I am lucky enough to have about a mile away. I defrost it enough to cut it up and put it with a small amount of bacon in little freezer bags.

Since I am doing WW I weighed my little packet of liver and bacon- 80 grams- and its not a lot. Only a few small mouthfulls really. But....I love it. Which means, I think, I need it. I also put a handful of baby spinach in the pan and let it wilt. Yuuuuum.


I also buy this stuff and it is what my dd16 is taking.


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The liver doesn't necessarily have to be organic, although it is best. You will still increase your ferritin at the same rate with non-organic.

Well, I live in Australia, and we butcher our own meat on our farm, but I have seen non-organic liver for sale in our local grocery store. It's usually in the place where they keep raw meat/bones for dogs. It sounds icky, buying dog food, but it is absolutely fine for human consumption, it's just that dogs consume liver more than humans these days. You may be able to find by googling, or telephone directory, a raw-food pet store, or better yet, an organic butcher/meat store. It could be quite pricey from organic butcher, but a whole beef liver (best) would last you close to 6 months if you had it every day!

Also, if you know any farmers that butcher their own grass-fed animals, you could ask to buy the liver.

Just some ideas, sorry I can't be more specific on stores..

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Peela, I wonder how much shipping is for that to the US? Seems pricey. And does your daughter have any side effects from it? And thank you:D



No side effects.

Green Pastures is U.S. based I think...where I buy it from is just an Australian distributor. You will find the product in the U.S.

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I get fresh liver straight from the farm. You would obviously have to go on butchering day to get it fresh not frozen. Right now the local producers around here generally are not butchering. That is referring to chicken liver though, which is my preference. I guess it would depend on the size of the farm though as to how often they butcher. I have used US Wellness in the past and been pleased, no idea if they sell fresh liver though.

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This site sells some of the products but not the liver, apparently- you could contact them, though, and ask them, citing the Green Pastures website in Australia. It looks like the liver capsules are produced in New Zealand from NZ pastured cows, so while that is a good thing for the quality of the product, you might be best importing direct from the source, so to speak.


These people have a liver support product that contains bovine liver.


It could be worth checking if they also have a plain liver product because I have several dried organ extracts of theirs, include thyroid and adrenal, but I cant find them on the product page. Might be professional only products.


Here is another one:


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