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Need decorating help, please!

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We recently moved our schooling to our daylight basement family room. It has a bank of 3 windows that are 3' x 5' each with 6 inches between them. They are 2 feet from the ground and there is 6 inches from the ceiling to the tops of the windows. We face a green belt and sit at the top of a slope. Our yard is not fenced, so there is no privacy. The TV is at an angle in the far corner so glare from the windows is an issue.


I have shades on the windows right now, but they are always down, so it makes the room dark. To me, the best answer and the most expensive is to have two sets of custom shutters made per window. During the day, this would allow us to keep the lower portion closed for privacy but keep the top open for light. Then everything could be closed at night. That would be the long term solution but it is out of the budget right now. I need a temporary solution that is affordable and attractive and I would appreciate any suggestions this creative crowd has.

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The woman who lives in the apartment below ours uses wooden shutters in her windows.


They aren't attached on the inside, just pushed up against the window.


They look pretty and natural.


I can't think of what they're called or where they can be bought though, so I apologize for that but maybe someone can give you a name?

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They make pleated shades (blinds) now that can open from the bottom or top. I will see if I can find a link for you.


ETA: Link to Shades


Brigitte, I had a set of Hunter Douglas black-out Duettes made for a bay window years ago. The cost was painful. I had no idea that the price had come down so much or that it could even be an option. It seems like once we started homeschooling all work on the house stopped. Thank you for the link.


Top down/bottom up shades were popular in our last neighborhood. I'm not sure what your budget is, but here's a link to one place for some ideas.


Also, if you are looking to divide the windows in half, to block light from the bottom half, would you be able to put tension rods up with curtains?


Ah, now there is a truly affordable idea. As the daughter of a perfectionist decorator, I tend to over-think these issues. I could whip out a couple of curtains from some inexpensive twin bedsheets in no time and tension rods are something like $3-4 each. The room is slated for new paint, flooring, and trim as well as getting the gas fireplace back in working order and putting a mantel on the fireplace. A permanent solution for the windows is next to last on that list, right before furniture. This is a quick solution too so maybe the kids will quit complaining about being downstairs.


Ellie, thanks for chiming in. It is always nice to see your "smiling" face.


Now that we've solved that, I'll have to start a thread about floor covering as soon as I am finished setting up school for the week.:D

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