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Doing RSO out of order

Wheres Toto

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I'm planning to use BFSU and RSO for science. I want to use a sequence similar to BFSU where disciplines are mixed so I would be using all three RSO books at the same time. Within each book, some things will stay in order (we will start Life with Cells) but others may not (I'm planning to do Solar System before Weather and Rocks/Minerals). I'm wondering if this will work. For anyone who has used RSO - do the lessons all build on one another? or is it possible to do them out of order with little adjustment? I have the Try Before You Buys and it seems like it would work okay but I've only skimmed them on-screen since I haven't had a chance to print them all yet.


Thank you.

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I've used both the Life and E&S out of order and there were no problems with it.


Last year we did the animal studies from Life and the solar system stuff from E&S. I've just started using Chem which seems like it would be harder to break up, but we're not to far into it so that's just a first impression.

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