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Righstart Math Announcement?

Honey Bee

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I got my regular email from Righstart Math with this at the bottom:



Something BIG is coming soon.






Any thoughts? I've always heard they were suppose to write a course that goes with Geometry, but have always been told she's finished writing. Anybody know anything?

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Probably that Pre-Algebra level that I needed a month ago. Trust me that is the way my whole life works. ;)




:lol::lol: I hope it is the pre-algebra level too!


I hear ya! I am still surprised that a sale is going on over there at rightstart but mostly I am shocked by my own reaction to buy another abacus as a christmas present for a friend. :party:


I'd love to be your friend! :D

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And the saga continues...I got this today from Rightstart Math.






























in the air...



















... as we wait for the SURPRISE arriving on December 15th...











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I think I got on the list by mailing in the postcard that came with my level A materials...as I don't remember signing up online. I don't see a quicklink to sign up on the website.

Maybe try sending them an email. I am sure they would be happy to updates to you!

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Well, the ipad app is neat...but I'm so disappointed! Augh!


Sorry for getting ya'll hopes up :tongue_smilie:.



BTW, I think I got on the mailing list by ordering at the convention. I always order when I go in may, that's the only way I can think of how I got on their list.

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