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Is Settlers of Cataan a good game for two adults?

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I keep meaning to try this game for our family, but I think our little ones (3 and 5) are still just too little.


But I have a sibling and his fiancee who love games, and I was wondering about getting Settlers as their Christmas present. They have no children yet.


Thanks, hive! :)


This is a GREAT game. We love it. My 6 year old has even played it (she is a fluent reader). It's a complex and long game, but right now it's our favorite thing to play as a family. I'd love to try playing it with just adults. One thing - it's 3 or more players. There is a Cataan card game for 2 players we love as well. My son actually probably prefers the card version.

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I thought you had to have 3 players for Settlers. You can try Carcassonne. We have it, plus 2 expansion packs and love it. James Bond and I prefer to play it after Indy has gone to bed because Indy messes with our strategy when he plays. :D Indy does love it though, so sometimes after dinner, we'll pull it out and play a round. Another game we all love is Blokus (Indy absolutely goes crazy to play this game). It's a 4 player game, but you can modify it for 2 or even 3 players. They sell Blokus Duo, but if you get the regular game, they can play it with friends.

BTW, to modify it, for 3 players, you don't use the outside set of squares and only 3 colors. For 2 players, you don't use the 2 outside sets of squares and just use 2 colors.

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You don't HAVE to have 3 or more players for Settlers. Dh and I have played it with just to two of us, and love it. We like having more room to play (and we even add the expansion pieces for even more room). We also raise the number of points required to win, since we have more space to put down pieces, and since it takes less time to play with two people.

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You don't have to have three or more people, but it is more fun if you do. A big part of the game is the trading element, and that's greatly reduced with just two people. It does still work, and I still enjoy it with two, but it plays differently than with three (and three plays differently than four).


For two people, there is a card game version of Settlers. However, for two, I'd recommend Puerto Rico over the Settlers card game.


Ticket to Ride is another fun game that plays well for two. It has a nice building component (like Settlers), so it can be kind of satisfying for people who like to see their progress. Ticket to Ride has several versions: European, Nordic Countries, Marklin (I think this one is for Germany), Switzerland, and USA. I've only played the European and US versions, and they both work well for two or three people. I like the European one slightly better for four or five people.

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