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Sansa clip+ 4g.....Anyone have one?

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Can you tell me the pros/cons? I'm considering these for the dc for Christmas. All the reviews I've seen are on the 8g- I'm wondering if the battery life is better on the 4g? Also, how easy is it to download music? Can they get songs from their cds, and can they use itunes (they still have gift cards from last year that they didn't use on their now dead mP3s)?

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My DD has the 4g. I have no idea about the battery life.


There are programs online that claim to convert iTunes files so the songs can be put onto a Sansa. I could not get any of these to work.


DD now buys her music at Amazon. If Amazon's songs are put into her iTunes library, since they aren't protected by whatever it is, those particular songs will go onto her Sansa.

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too late to help you, but DD9 has the 4GB and I just bought myself the 8GB. Battery life is excellent on both and I take advantage of the SLEEP setting on my 8gb where it turns itself off after a set period of time when I plug it into my speakers and listen to music at night.


The Sansa products take alot of beating and hold up well.

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