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Elizabeth's Phonics Videos / Reading Fluency

Amy Jo

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My 8 year old needs some more reading practice, he has made very good progress with SWR, but still needs work on dividing unknown words into syllables and reading fluency / speed. We are going to start doing repeat readings, and I'm going to have him read to Dad several times a week from easy books (starting with I See Sam).


I'm going to work through Blend Phonics with my 6 yo (he isn't ready for SWR yet) and I can either:

a - have my 8 yo join my 6 yo (they get along well so competition won't be an issue)

b - have my 8 yo watch the phonic's video lessons (he watched part of the first one and was fine, but I did have to pause it as he could not read the lines with words quickly enough)

c - both


Any thoughts? I'd like to do the videos, because Dad can help / supervise while I work. Is it okay if he has to pause the videos - he can blend the words just not quickly?


Thanks so much!



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Pausing is recommended for younger children. In fact, I just updated my 3 minute "Using the Phonics Lessons" movie, and in it I recommend use of the pause button for younger students. (Although I still need to fix the sound a bit, it has been a while since I made a movie, it takes a while to recover from a move. I just updated it last week but had not worked on one since we moved this summer, so I forgot some of the settings to use.)


Most of my younger students who use them use the pause button often, and also may need a break halfway through the longer ones.

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