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Suggestions for Spanish language movies for kids?


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I'm looking for suggestions for Spanish-language movies suitable for kids. Movies that are made originally in Spanish---not just turning the Spanish subtitles on in her favorite English movies (though that has its place).


My 10 yo daughter is just starting with Spanish, and loves movies. I found one that we enjoyed, Viva Cuba!, through Netflix as I was looking for things to add to our geography course and it occurred to me that this was a good way to do ear-training for her in Spanish, as well as cultural exposure. I'm okay with G or PG level movies, PG-13 is dependent on the reasons (not a lot of gore, and as little sex as possible).

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The Celia dvd is really wonderful (I think it was made as a TV series from Spain). I think it's only available in PAL, though, so you'd need a multi-region DVD player.


I was able to get a number of dvds of Las tres mellizas, an animated series from Barcelona, from Amazon in regular US format.


You can also watch any number of US-made movies dubbed in Spanish (not just subtitles - spoken Spanish). My kids have watched Magic Schoolbus and many of the Harry Potter movies in Spanish. It'll say on the back of the DVD which languages it's dubbed in - some only have French. :glare: But for language learners it's often helpful to watch a storyline they're already familiar with; it's easier to pick up words from context.


If anyone else has suggestions appropriate for 10-12yos, I'm :bigear:

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