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S/O; Purses - Help me find a good one.

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I currently have an Liz Claiborne. It has poskets and zippers in all the right places. It is exactly what I need except is wieghs 10 lbs. empty and quiet a bit more that that when it is not. This is killing my back. I need something lightweight and good for the back, however I also need s few pockets on the outside so I don't have to fo digging through my purse everytime I need my keys or phone. On the inside, all I can is a wallet, checkbook, pen, comb and a bag that hold feminine products, bandaids, hair scrunchies, tweezers, fingernail clippers, chapstick, a pill holder with my meds, etc. I big open purse that will hold me wallet, checkbook, comb, pen and the extra bag would be great and if there was once that would not kill my back that would be even better. I have been considering one of those Healthly Lifestyle Bags but I don't want to spend that kind of money and then not have it meet my needs. Any recomendations?

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I've got neck/shoulder problems but I like larger bags, too. The styles that work best for me are cross-body and backpacks. You can have a bigger bag if you choose something fabric or faux leather. (I have one Kathy Van Zeeland bag and the "nappa" faux leather material isn't heavy.)

My dh gave me some type of backsaver purse one year but it didn't work for me ...the part of the shoulder strap that rests on your shoulders was a funny shape almost like a "v" to distribute the weight of the purse better but I found it uncomfortable.

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