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SWB's interview at The King's College

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I just listened to her interview (scroll down to find her name), and it was the most refreshing thing I've listened to in a long time. The short version is on YouTube at the PHP part of YouTube, but I found the long version. So refreshing. The interviewer asked a wide variety of questions, and then the student audience did the same.


Susan, if you're reading this, thanks for continually sharing bits and pieces about your life and your thoughts. This is the kind of thing that helps me to examine old thought patterns from my younger years, that may not be so helpful to my life and to the world around me now. Rock on.

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Thanks Colleen!


Thank you for the website resource. It's great to hear SWB's voice. Great content.


(And another one of the speakers, Alex Tokarev, prof at TKC, was visiting our church this AM!)


Thanks for sharing the link. We enjoyed listening to this last night.


You're welcome. I still keep thinking about parts of it (esp. about women, calling, being, being salt but not trying to save the world, and how sometimes interesting and creative things can come out of nonconformity). Told my husband all about it today.

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