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Apologia Physical Science - best schedule available?

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We are finishing up General Science, for which we used a schedule I purchased for around $5 from Rainbow Resource. However, it did not incorporate/include a schedule for the cd-rom or the multimedia companion and needless to say these resources sat by the wayside.


Does anyone have an all inclusive day-by-day schedule they'd recommend for Physical Science?


Has anyone used the Sonlight one? Is it worth $18 plus shipping?

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We used the Sonlight one. It incorporates everything, even lab reports. It has a list of vocabulary that the student must be familiar with, each week of the school year. It has supplies list for mom to prepare one week ahead. Loved it. Add to it the supplies box from Sonlight, and you've got an easy year.


ETA: we used the General Science one. I have not seen the Physical Science one because we are no longer using Apologia. Our reasons for switching have nothing to do with the scheduling of it, and I don't expect the Physical Science schedule to be that different from the General Science one.

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Thank you all for the information and links! :)



Apologia Yahoo group has some great schedules in their files. I like the 3-day / week schedule for physical science.




Do you have a link for the group you're talking about? I've been on the General Science, which had lots of files, and I knew someone started a Physical Science one, but I didn't think it had taken off yet.

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