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AP Stats Study book?

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For those that have taken the AP Stats test, do you have a recommendation of a study book you liked (Barrons, McGraw-Hill, etc)?


My guy is self-studying the course with the "Practice of Stats" book recommended here, but I'd like for him to have a study book to look at as well. We looked online at the options, but I'd rather have "been there, done that" thoughts (pro or con).


Thanks for any thoughts.

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My daughter is using the AP Statistics book by REA. The ISBN #is:




We have been extremely impressed by the REA AP materials, based on using them last year as final reviews for AP US History and AP Psychology. I helped my daughter do some intense short term review on AP US History using the REA book, and I swear that even *I* felt ready to take that test after working through that book! DD got a 5 on each of the exams, mainly due to great PA Homeschooler classes, but the REA books definitely helped.


We are also using:



  • Cracking the AP Statistics exam (Princeton Review)
  • Teaching Company lectures on both statistics and probability and
  • ALEKS course on AP Statistics


We had signed up for the Pennsylvania Homeschoolers AP statistics course but had to drop it early for scheduling reasons. (My daughter has missed four weeks since September due to a combination of planned vacations and unplanned family emergencies.) So I've done the best I can to cobble together a course that she can do at her pace. I don't know if she'll be prepared for the exam or not, but if nothing else she will have gotten a great introduction to the topic that should serve her well in college.


I hope this helps! :)

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My son used Amsco's review guide when he studied, while my daughter used McGraw-Hill's "5 Steps to a 5" book in her PA Homeschooler class. Both were fine general review books.


My dd's online class also went over several of the free response questions that are posted on the College Board's AP website (along with answers). She also worked through a released exam just before the real thing in May.



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