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Facebook friending question

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Tell me if I'm over thinking this or just plain weird. Well, don't really tell me I'm weird, that might hurt my feelings.:D

Here's the deal, I went to a very small alternative school for high school and we (students and teachers) were all really close. I didn't keep in touch with anybody, but recently I have reconnected with some friends on FB and it's kind of neat to see their families and how they're doing. So I saw on another friend's FB list a guy I went to prom with and had a casual "relationship" with that fizzled out because he joined the military and I was too much a dolt to see what a neat guy he really was. I want to friend him because I'd like to know how he's doing and how his life has been, will that be too akward? I'm single and so is he and I don't want it to appear that I am pursuing him. I have avoided FB friending guys I used to know for this reason. Will people (or he) think that about me or am I over thinking this.:tongue_smilie: I am an introvert so, I am a terrible judge about what is too wierd to do.(Talking to people outside my family seems weird ) My main objective is usually to go though life with the least notice taken of me.

Anyhoo, I'm all :bigear: to hear the Hive concensus on this.

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I don't really think that FB friending would automatically mean you were chasing after him. I have several previous boyfriends as friends on FB and it really is no more than keeping in touch (comments on pictures, status, Happy Birthday etc). There is nothing remotely romantic about any of it. My dh knows about them and that we are FB friends and has no issue with it either.

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Yes you are over thinking it.


People will friend/be friended just to do the initial "how are you/what's up?" and to see pictures.


I friended a bunch of people just to see their pictures from our 20th reunion I couldn't make because we were still overseas. I never talk to most of them.


Weird/difficult was trying to figure out how to ask one of my high school friends for her now ex husband's phone number. I was good friends with her in high school, but much better friends with him in college. And even though they'd gone to school together for 12 years, they met post college through me.


He's always been great. She was good. In small doses. We only have three years living nearby before my husband's next duty station, so I wanted to hook up with him while we were here. I kept trying to figure out how to ask my friend for her ex husband's email/phone number.


Luckily he finally got on FB before I ever had to figure it out! LOL!

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