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We're pathetic (or addicted to technology)

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Ok, so we haven't had cable in probably 11 years or more, but our old house had a big antenna on the roof. That meant we got quite a few channels: all of the major networks and then some others.


We don't have cable at our new house. There is no antenna, and the neighbor told us that they are not allowed by the HOA that we were never informed about. So, we're limited to just Netflix; we have the one DVD at a time and unlimited instant view plan. We've been watching various shows on Netflix but I miss looking forward to those once a week shows like Survivor and Fringe. I'm missing all of the Christmas shows that are on this time of year...and they aren't on Netflix Instant Watch.


The radio station we listen to (only Christian channel that I know of) is too staticky to listen to, and we have a limited CD collection.


So, what do you do when the internet goes out for three hours and your husband and 8 year old are gone, leaving you with a 10 year old, 3 year old and 1 year old?


Well, we pick up every play coin we own, clean up the entire bowl of dog water, pick up the baby who just tripped and smacked her head on the pattern block cards that she flung all over the floor, yell at the stir crazy 3 year old a gazillion times, etc. My 10 year old finally came up with showing the 1 year old videos on my cell phone to keep her occupied so I could finish washing dishes and start dinner.




We really like this house, but without all of the traffic noise of the city, it gets really quiet here without the TV on. I don't like quiet. It makes me feel lonely and sad.


I will get used to this, right?

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We don't have an antenna on the roof or outside. We do have rabbit ears inside and we get pretty good reception. Might be worth a try.


We don't watch much tv, but I do like sound. You might be able to build up your CD collection with classical pieces. You can often get recordings that are pretty inexpensive and they're pretty good to listen to repeatedly.

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