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Does anyone know of a combination MP3 player/camera?

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I am literally giving myself a headache reading through technical details and trying to figure out what has what capability. I am buying dd a digital camera and an mp3 player and would love to buy it as one device if possible, as long as the camera quality is decent. I was looking at this:




but don't think it has a camera, and I don't really need internet. I was also looking at this:




but the reviews didn't look great. I figured between the two devices I would spend about $150, so something in that price range is fine (IPod is too expensive).


Any suggestions?




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My son had an Aiptek that was a video camera, still camera and MP3 player. It was like one of the those mini-camcorders but took stills and played music. Can't remember the specifics.



Hi Sue!


Thanks, I just looked them up and look very good, with what I was looking for. Did your son like his? It seems like the reviews are good.


thanks so much!!


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