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Public Service Announcement for military families

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I know there are a lot of families out there struggling. I wanted to plug a *wonderful* resource for those who are not aware. Military OneSource. Some of the resources are available without signing up or are available to parents of service members, etc. Other resources are only available for military and military dependents, for those you do need to sign up with your real info as it is checked against the DoD database.


They have tons of great articles on the site. If you sign in, they also have pamphlets, audio books for download, playaway audio books you can order, regular books you can order, etc. They have books on nutrition, parenting, relationships and so forth that you can order *for free*. It's worth noting that the chaplains often have relationship books that they can give you for free.


Also available through military onesource is free counseling. You can do it over the phone, online or face-to-face. You can receive 12 sessions *per issue* for free. That means, if you need help dealing with a blended family, that's 12 sessions with one counselor. If you need help reintegrating the service member into the family, that could be 12 sessions with another counselor.


These resources *are* available. Seek them out, use them. :grouphug:

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