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Help! Illness After Visiting Inlaws

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Dh, Dd and myself have been noticing a trend after we have visited the inlaws over the past several years.

All of us end up with an URI after we have spent time with his parents. It doesn't matter if we go there or they come here.

Dh has talked with his parents about the importance of good personal hygeine and maintaining their health, but it has fallen on deaf ears.

Any suggestions on how to deal with this issue?

Thank you!

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I think I'm missing something--are they sick while you're visiting with them?

They usually are coughing/sneezing, but when Dh asks them if they are sick they deny it.

We've actually started to wonder if they are "carriers" of a certain bug or bacteria like in the story of "Typhoid Mary."

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My cousins give us the stomach flu almost every holiday. This time around it is been going on for 8 days straight. The last 2 Christmases my aunt shows up with barfing kids. This Thanksgiving she called a few ppl to tell them her kids were barfing, but she didnt call me and now we are in living he** over here.


Some stuff cant be helped but I am seriously reconsidering going to family parties....driving home 5 hours with puking kids while I myself hold a bowl on my lap IS NOT FUN.


At Christmas I am going to straight call her right before we leave and ask if anyone is sick. I am not going through this again.

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