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Christian and/or Secular Options for Elementary Science


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For K-1, we're enjoying Elemental Science Intro to Science. It's fairly inexpensive - just the $15 PDF plan + the More Mudpies to Magnets book for the experiments (I think it was less than $15). The nature walk book is found free online (it's huge - I just downloaded the PDF version), and the experiments use stuff commonly found around the house for the most part. It does a gentle intro to various forms of science, and it includes narration (I have DS dictate to me instead of making him write it), coloring, etc. My kids have enjoyed the experiments so far, and they've been easy to do, even for me who doesn't usually like to do things that might get "messy". :D


The program is not really designed for a preschooler (though she might have a preK program too? I forget), but my newly 4 year old has enjoyed the experiments. He is not ready to understand why things do the things they do, but he's still getting introduced to the topics, and he asks to do science all the time.

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Is BFSU good? It looks a little dry - I guess it's just the backbone that you flesh out with library books and experiments?


We love BFSU here and don't find it dry at all. Dr. Nebel seems to really understand kids and how they learn. The program is really in-depth with plenty of age-appropriate activities. (There is suggested, but entirely optional, reading.) Of course, it does not have all the bells and whistles of other programs, but I consider that a plus. It is teacher-intensive, but I figure that anything I do at this age is going to be teacher-intensive. You can read my review on my blog if you are interested.

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