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Something like Further Up and Further in


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Hi everyone,


I was looking at samples of Further up and Further in, and I love how it provides ideas for art, writing, scriptural application, history assignments and other activities to enhance the studies of the books. But, our days our so full, I'd only be using these ideas as supplements, not as a complete curriculum. I also don't want to spend a whole year on the Narnia series.


What I'm wondering...are there any lit guides (or other materials) out there that provide extension activities in other areas? (not just literature, comprehension, vocab.) I'm interested in Biblical application, art ideas, writing ideas...that kind of thing. And, I'd love it if the materials only took about 4 weeks to get through a book. I guess what I'm looking for are mini unit studies on good works of literature for 5th-6th grade and up. Thanks!




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