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Device for positioning constellations on ceiling


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We are studying basic constellations and my daughter has interest in using starts/glow paint to make a mural on her ceiling. She wants them to be in proper positions etc. Is there an easy method for doing this? I am willing to buy stencils, way to project etc but so far I can only find pieces, e.g. stencils of one constellation. I would like to have a "map" or instructions so we can place them in roughly the proper places without spending insane amounts of time.



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I did this to a room once, and it actually worked out fine just to do it without guides. The reason this worked is because, when you look at the night sky, you're always "hopping" from one constellation to another by using their relationships to each other. Putting them on the ceiling was the same process in reverse.


I used the ceiling fixture as the north star, and worked out from there.

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