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What is "Western Casual"?

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DH is a senior executive for a large company and the company president is hosting a Christmas party for the executives and spouses. Out location is the South Carolina. The party is at a very exclusive lodge (so exclusive I didn't really know it existed, more by heresay). And the dress is Western Casual.


What the heck is that? Dh says, "Oh good, you'll want to go this year, you can just wear jeans and your (well-used) cowboy boots." Never went before because I heard about wives buying several hundred dollar purses to match their outfit. Thinking my Lee jeans and boots aren't going to cut it and want to decline (again). Thoughts?

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I would think it meant designer jeans, boots, and a nice shirt. Maybe a cowgirl hat? Dh's company had a similar theme last year, at a relatively exclusive location (not quite that of the one you are describing), and that was the general wardrobe. I'd have fun with it, and go! Granted, I pretty much have to go to dh's, it's a no-no not to without a good excuse, and then dh would have to make the excuses. It's all about attitude, and I choose to make it fun!

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