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Christmas party games for 3rd-8th grade girls

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Thursday night church. A couple of the girl's classes will be combined for a Christmas party. About 25 girls, from 8 to 13 years old. I am NOT the normal teacher, but agreed to handle the party while the regular teachers are at choir practice. I'll be the dreaded....substitute teacher! (Ahhhh!)


Anyone have ideas for simple games we could play? The younger girls are HIGH energy, they are all very loud, and the room is not very big.


Suggestions that don't involve a lot of prep or noise or action will be greatly appreciated!!! Please help me!!!! (How did I get myself into this??!)

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Oh dear. No ideas, huh?


I have a bunch of nice ornaments that I simply don't want anymore. I was going to bring them and have a game where the girls one at a time pick out an ornament. The first girl gets one from the box. The 2nd girl gets one from the box OR takes the one from the first girl. The 3rd girl gets one from the box OR takes one from the first OR second girl, and so on.


I was going to look for those games where you unscramble letters or use clues to figure out the Christmas Carol names.


Any other ideas? We're going to watch a short movie and eat a bunch of junk food, so I only have about 30 minutes to fill with activities.

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I am having a party next week and have been looking for ideas, though for younger children.

I did find this cool website:


The games cost, but might give you some ideas.


One thing we are doing - and I don't know if the teen girls might be too old? -

I have some assorted Christmas items wrapped up. Each child will get a package, though they can't open it. I am going to read The Gingerbread Boy and every time it says "And he ran and he ran," the children have to pass the gifts to the person next to them.


I did a web search for "Christmas party ideas" and came up with some that take up way more space than I have - like a candy cane race, where the teams of two have to race down a course holding candy canes linked together.

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