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My ds was tested, and let me tell you, RightStart and SWR WORKS!


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My oldest ds is 10 years old and in 5th grade. We have stopped homeschooling and sent the kids to our church school. They school did testing on my boys this past week to be sure they were at grade level.


My oldest tested at 9th grade math level and they *stopped giving him the test*. He tested at 8th grade reading and they stopped the test. He tested at 6th grade spelling level and they stopped the test. The test was stopped due to a lack of time, but they will be finished later.


All my oldest has ever used for reading and spelling was Spell to Write and Read. He used Right Start from K to 4th and this year started Math Mammoth.


I just wanted to encourage all of you to keep up these programs! They do work!

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Horray! Congrats to your ds and thanks for the encouragement. It's nice to hear. Did you all finish the whole WISE guide? Just curious :001_smile:



No, we did not finish the WISE guide. We haven't even done spelling for the last year.

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