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Weight Watchers Meal Plans for families...

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In an effort to help my dd, I have decided to put us all on a WW type food plan. My dd carries most of her weight around her middle which worries me. She's also on the short side. I make most of our meals and keep tabs on their eating mainly for financial reasons. So, I was a little concerned that she has stayed on the heavy side. I found today, as we were getting the trash collected, her trash can full of chip bags and candy wrappers. My meal plans have been a little carb heavy (Ramen, lots of muffins that are cheap to make, etc) but I monitor their portions.


Anyhoo...I think it will be good for all of us to have a more balanced diet. I know we need more protein and with careful planning, I can make it budget friendly. So, hit me with your best ideas, links to other threads, blogs, etc. I need some inspiration! :001_smile:

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