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Ouch. That hurt.

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We got a letter today from a college my dd18 had been accepted to - she auditioned for the dance department on the 20th of Nov.


She wasn't accepted as a dance major.




We never saw that coming. I wasn't seriously thinking scholarship, but figured she'd at least get accepted.


I'm pretty down about it. She seems - ok - but she's quiet by nature. And truthfully, this school had gone down a notch on her list, but to have the door shut - firmly. It's just tough.


Thanks for listening.

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I'm sorry. I hope she will be accepted as a dance major at a different college. It sounds like this one may not have been her first choice, anyway.


I know you were all under so much stress because your grandmother was dying at the time she was getting ready for the audition, so I give your dd a lot of credit for being able to perform under such stressful circumstances.



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Thanks - thanks for remembering about my grandma - that was sweet.


Yeah, the thing is she's just not a strong dancer. She's an amazing choreographer and teacher, though.


She's leaning toward a local university where she could minor in dance, and major in entrepreneurship. They'll have to come up with some big time $$, though - dh is still out of work.


The other thing - she could attend the other school, and design her own major - a mishmash of dance courses, business, education, etc. But I'm not sure she wants to go 4 hours away from home to do that.


Thanks for just hearing me. It's been a tough day in other ways, and I just needed some "virtual love", you know?

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