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"One boy, boy for sale, he's goin' cheap...Only seven guineas....That or there about."


["look! old english money...quick son, how much is 7 guineas? Don't forget to figure it out in today's money!" <bright smile...gritted teeth...>



Ds9 is on a record breaking pace of -- wait for it -- 9 hours doing 3 hours worth of work.:glare:


Dh is taking his frustration out on an innocent and unsuspecting board in karate.:banghead:


Mom is on her first vodka tonic with extra lime. Party at my house!!:cheers2:

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I've got four guineas, they're kinda loud in the mornings......will that be enough?



Dh says we'll trade the guineas for the boy (who has FINALLY finished his Latin flashcards and reading and STILL has writing left). I think we'll come out ahead. :tongue_smilie:

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It's in the air-we juuust finished up. The basics. Science- huh? Latin- is that, what, like a language, or something?


Wait! Is my boy at your house?



If you find a buyer for yours, let me know. Maybe they'd like another!


Yes! We can offer a discount for bulk purchases!


It's that wonderful time of year where my kids seem to forget everything learned, ever. My oldest asked me today how to spell Hi- seriously.?!


*snort* Yeah, it was that bad here today as well.


Dh: "Dd, get your math, sweetie. It's lesson time."

Dd7: "Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddd! [in that lilting, whiny voice we all know and do not love] Maaaaatttthhhh?!?!?! Do I do math every daaaayyy???"

Dh: (in a sotto voce aside to me) "It's 5:00 somewhere in the world, right?"



Oh I sing that song for DS all the time.:D


Dh didn't know that song; so, I just sang it for him -- in earshot of said son.:D

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Mine went up for auction yesterday. I couldn't find any buyers. This was after spending four hours JUST on history. All I asked him to do was look up and write the answers to the oral review questions he claimed he knew nothing about after reading/listening to the same chapter five times. I'd have let it go and had him do it today, but that would have meant postponing an experiment due to the swim lesson Thursday time crunch, which caused him to panic and insist that he wanted to do history... even if it took four hours.


I'm going to join you in that drink.

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