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Best (brand) chalkboard and magnet paint?

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I think I read awhile back that you can put them together, magnet paint underneath and extra thick. Two coats, at least. I've never done it and it's been awhile since I read about it so I could be wrong! But this will give you a bump, at least:) You might check the Lowe's website. They have a lot of project ideas like that.

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I'm using Rust-Oleum magnetic primer and chalk board paint. I'm not done yet, but the magnetic primer is holding magnets:)! I've read complaints that the magnetic primer didn't work, but I think the keys to using this are 1) have the store put it in their paint-mixing machine for a few minutes and 2) mix often while using it. I've got 3 coats on now and plan to put one more on for good measure. Then I'll cover that with a few coats of chalk board paint.


I've never used the white-board paint so I can't compare.


Good luck!

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