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Funny story from a visit to the local St. Vincent de Paul.

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Before Thanksgiving, someone from our former parish called me to see if we needed a Thanksgiving basket. I told her no. She insisted. I asked if their weren't other people who needed it more than we did. She replied, "No, not really!" :lol: (Trust me when I say that it isn't true for the area as a whole - there are MANY here worse off than we are. I think they just ran out of families they knew.) I even tried to get them to give it to my neighbor across the street, but it required that she have a car to come and pick it up and she didn't at the time (and we were not going to be here on pickup day.)


They ended up keeping it for us at the St. Vincent de Paul. The lady from the church called yesterday to remind me to come get it (they wanted it out of their freezer.) Today I went to pick it up. I went in and there were 2 old men in the room. The older one looks up and says, "Let me see your ID." (All of these quotes are in a thick NY accent.) I tried to tell him that I was just picking up the basket, but there was no getting around him. I gave him my ID. He gives it to another older guy who looks me up and says, "You ain't in the system." Well, no, I guess not. He keeps checking the system because if I am getting a food basket I must be in there.:confused:


So the older guy starts getting a food box together. I am trying to explain the whole thing with the lady at the parish and he keeps insisting, "We love her, but she's been sick and she ain't a member here so she don't know what goes on." At this point I am more than happy to go home - someone else can have the turkey!:tongue_smilie: They won't hear of it. They go back and forth for a few minutes about what to do.


The older guy says, "Call Joe - he'll know what's goin' on." So they call Joe, but he doesn't answer. The other guy wants to put me in the system. "You got kids?" he asks. I tell him and he wants to know where my husband works. I tell him and he looks at me incredulously and says, "So what's wrong?" I tell him that dh doesn't make much. He says, "You need to get a job when he ain't workin' and he can babysit." Ahem, yeah.


So, I respond that I haven't been able to find anything that will work around his hours. He says, "Yeah, ain't nobody hirin'. It's tight out there!" I'm thinking then why did you start grilling me dude?:lol: They finally get hold of Joe on the phone (with much hand gesturing which Joe, of course, could not see.) So, while the really old guy is getting the food together, the other man tries to register me, "Don't you need some help?" Well, yes, I mention that I need some help with something. He answers, "We ain't got any money 'til after the first of the year." OK, so why did you ask me what I needed?:lol: I asked if he knew where I could get help and he says, "Nobody's got any money this time of year. It's rough out there." OK, then. Thank you for the Christmas cheer.:lol:


I finally get out of there with old man telling me to come back soon.:lol: It was nuts. He never did put me in the system because I had too many kids and it would take too long.;) And, I imagine that anyone who navigates through the old men with NY accents has earned whatever help they are getting!

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