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Is it practical to accelerate a 12 y/o based on ACT/SAT scores?

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Would love to hear thoughts on this.


My son has dyslexia/dysgraphia so we could really some extra time in our school day.


From what I'm reading, his ACT English score would allow him to skip Freshman english at some colleges, including the engineering school he has his eye on. Could I possibly get by transcript-wise by doing the same in our homeschool high school? We'll still be doing plenty of writing, but I'd love to drop a formal English curriculum to buy us some time to persue other needs and interests.


The Reading and Science scores were around the same percentile, could this give us any freedom in our curriculum planning?


I've been so conditioned to believe that I have to do a traditional transcript with a massive portfolio showing his work in the usual high school course load that I'm not able to think beyond that. Is it all all possible that I could chart my own course from this point because he has shown 'mastery' of the basics (according to the traditional college readiness standards) in Reading and English? We'd still follow the usual Science route since the ACT measures science differently.


Still trying to digest this--although we knew he was a sharp kid, the learning disabilites have been on front stage for quite a while. I've honestly been focused on remediation. I've made this kid do Pre-Alg with 4 different curriculums just to be sure he has the basics down before I allow him to move on to Algebra. Now I'm :confused::001_huh:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for the input!

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