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online writing class failure

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My son has been taking an online writing class (which shall remain nameless) and has had ONE paper graded all semester! :rant:Twice weekly assignments are posted to a forum, but the instructor never comments or grades them, he just gets credit for turning something in. Sometimes students comment along the lines of, "Wow, that's intersting." Has anyone else had this experience, or is there a good online writing course available somewhere?


At this point, I am considering hiring a tutor (that would be much cheaper!) but I don't know where to find one. Maybe another highschool student that is a good writer? My son isn't a terrible writer, he has excellent logic, but it could sure use some polishing.


Any suggestions?

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Several years ago, both of my students took some courses from Home2Teach. I don't recall them receiving grades, but the instructors would return their assignments once to several times with comments and suggestions for improvements. The papers were only considered done when the instructor was satisfied. If this is done before the next class 'meets' the student is in the Honors Club for that week.


Because it was just a component of their English course, the lack of grades was not an issue, and I did find that it was helpful for learning writing, although I am not sure the quality of the instructors is entirely consistent.




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I don't see English 2. Is it writing only, or literature as well? Is you chid getting writing assignment feedback on a regular basis?



Not Beth, but we also had a great experience with TPS English 2 last year. Here's the link to the course description for English 2.


Yes, literature as well as writing, and a lot of feedback on writing.


We've had Mrs Ives for Writer's Workshop, Mrs Neuman for English 1, and Miss Shearon for English 2. All highly recommended. Right now my son has English 3 (Narnia) with Mrs Richards and loves it.



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