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Scribblenauts vs. Super Scribblenauts

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For those of you that have both, which one do you prefer?


I've heard that Super Scribblenauts added in adjectives, but in doing so, some of the creativity was taken out. For example, there might only be 2 solutions to the problem instead of more. So it become more a game of trying to guess the correct solution.


I've also heard that the gameplay of Super Scribblenauts was a bit better in that the little flaws in the original Scribblenauts were addressed.


I'm trying to figure out which one to get my 9yo DS for Christmas.

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We only have the first one, so I can't compare the two. I can tell you that all three of my kids love the first one, and we have gotten a good deal of game time out of it.


Have you read the reviews at GameStop? I find there are usually more reviews at that site.

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Well, checking the reviews at amazon has led me this far.


I am really leaning toward the 1st one, but I missed buying it while it was on sale for $15. I can get the 2nd one for $5 right now, but, again, am sort of wanting to get the original.


My kids have really loved Scribblenauts and ds #2 is hoping for the sequel.


How well does your 9 yo spell? I think my 8 yo would be happier with the first version. But my 11 yo is craving that adjective action.

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