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What is your 5yod getting for Christmas?

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My dd just turned 6 but we are getting her:

a build-a-bear,

a super frilly costume tutu

wizard of oz poster

ds games

some board games


Hello Kitty Doll

some Barbies to go with new Barbie house that nana and grandpa got her

a library stamp card set (weird, but she likes to play library)

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My dd is 6. She will be getting some Polly Pockets, clothes for her AG doll, maybe some arts/crafts stuff, maybe some Playmobil.


Last year she got a lot of Polly Pockets and some dollhouse furniture. I also got my then 5 year olds the GT and the Halo Express cd's, which they absolutely love.


Two other gifts from last year that they loved were Magnetic Mosaics and Sticky Mosaics.

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My girls are 6, but they are getting American girl dolls, bikes (without training wheels!), Leapster2s, and pillow pets.


Last year, at 5, they got a very large dollhouse for their Barbies, and Our Generation dolls from Target. They took good care of these dolls, so they are finally getting the AG dolls they have been begging for for a long time! :D

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My daughter is turning 5 three days before Christmas. She asked for Groovy Girls and a teddy bear. She's getting:


Groovy Girls & accessories

kitty pajamas


art supplies

some sort of bear...maybe Build-a-Bear


I haven't decided for sure what's for birthday and what's for Christmas. She'll also get a few small gifts in her stocking, like a dvd and a small playmobil set.

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My youngest will be 5 on 12/30, and she is getting an AG doll with a couple of outfits, an earthworm nursery, and lots of lip gloss and other little make-up things in her stocking. I've never met a girl who loves earthworms as much as she loves lip gloss. :lol:


For her birthday, she is getting a Playmobil set. I'm not sure which one yet.

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