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:001_smile: Are these designed to help the homeschooling parent be a better writing teacher? I'm beginning to investigate writing and realize there is SO MUCH out there. I would like to expand my own skill base NOW (my oldest is just in second grade) and investigate writing instruction from different perspectives. I have thoroughly enjoyed and been challenged by SWB's writing lectures and the info. she shares in WWE and WTM. But I'm sure there are other approaches to writing and I need all the help I can get!


If Bravewriter Classes are worth it can you share with me your favorites and/or your recommendations? I have popped over to that website dozens of times this past year . . . :001_smile:

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I have posted about Bravewriter several times, and I always write the same thing. Julie did more to help me understand the writing process than any other resource. Our sons took Kidswrite Basic, Kidswrite Intermediate, the timed essay class, American literature, and a fiction class. I realize her approach is not classical, but without Julie's help, I don't know if I could have moved past a focus on grammar and spelling errors. I believe she has written blogs comparing her approach to a classical approach which may help you with your decision. Julie will provide you with a wonderful example of a writing mentor -- warm, encouraging, right amount of push, accurate assessment for improvement and editing. I suggest beginning with with Kidswrite Basic.

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