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Still not sure where to go - math for ds...


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I have a 10 year old who cruised through Singapore 4b and 5b already this year (we did 5a last year). He will most likely finish 6a this next semester since it mostly seems like review of past concepts with harder problems. He is not a "math lover", but does like word problems and geometry concepts. Here is what I am considering:

1- skipping 6b and just doing Discovering Mathematics (just to keep it all the same during the year)

2- 6b and DM1

3 - going to Chalkdust pre-algebra


I am considering the Chalkdust pre-algebra only because I feel he needs to really start showing his work more often. He's one of those kids who likes to do everything in his head (which doesn't always work). He needs to start showing his work because his head will eventually not be able to store all the steps involved. Also, he really isn't ready yet for over 1/2 hour of math work - he needs to build up his endurance a bit gradually. If I hit him with over an hour of math work right away, I could easily turn him into a math hater. I'm really not sure where to head past next year which also confuses me. I know many of you have put younger kids into Algebra. Should I just hit Algebra in 5th grade? Jacobs algebra for instance? Two years of Algebra?


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My oldest daughter gets math very easilly, we are doing LOF with her next year (she'll be 9), and I still expect she'll whiz through the Pre-Algebra portion without much issue.


I'm starting there with the copy the problem, go step-by-step, because it is a lot less intense/intimidating than Chalkdust. After we finish the LOF Pre-Algebra series, she'll do Chalkdust as a follow-up. I plan on having her start with a chapter test (like the review pages in the book), and if she gets a 90% or better there, keep moving through until we find something that stumps her a little. Then going back to LoF for Algebra I, and then to Chalkdust again.

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