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I feel like I performed a public service

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This morning I had my cast removal appointment, and since hubby is shorthanded at work I took the kids with me. They all brought books for the wait and were extremely well behaved and polite. You would have thought I grew an extra head the way one person looked at me, but whatever. My doctor has three children also and was thrilled to meet mine, shook hands with everyone and got my cast off.:D As we are leaving one of the check out ladies asks "So, now are you taking them to school?" to which my oldest pipes up that they don't go to school. The person who asked was stunned, her mouth fell open and before she could say something rude my son announces that we homeschool. I think we were her first homeschooling family, and I hope we left a good impression.

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I've been doing this for seven years with DH's chronic medical issues, and we've even taken them along for doctors that required several hours of driving and then a wait for appointments that were several hours long. Most of the time I stay in the waiting room with them and take them out here and there for a stretch break or snack at the hospital, but they've come into the examing room with us and have waited for numerous procedures and surgeries. This summer we had them stay with friends when the surgery started at 6am and was projected to take 6+ hours, but usually they come along.


Now they're old enough that we sometimes leave them in the waiting room, and my doctor has an internet cafe so I leave them there when I see him and have my female exams.


And people are always somehow shocked. It speaks well for homeschooling though!

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I'm used to many comments and questions, but this was my favorite. Of course it has something to do with how good my kids were this time, not always true and I've left so many places apologizing instead. It was a good experience and they got to watch how a cast gets cut off, loud but cool as my son told me after in the car. They were so proud to answer the rude questions, I didn't have to say a word!

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