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You know what would be great?

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I put the year they were born so I don't have to change it when they have a birthday.


This is what I did. I know better than to think I'll keep up with it. :tongue_smilie: Plus, I always wonder if the ages in people's siggys are up-to-date (some comments make it clear they are not) and if they are 5 - almost 6 or just turned 5. Kwim? In the younger years, even 6 months can make a big difference.

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What about those of us who have a frame of reference from other experience? I know it helps, I'm just saying, you don't always know what a person's experience is just from their kids' ages. Some people may have older kids but are just starting homeschooling. Others may have younger kids but extensive experience with older kids through family, teaching or other experiences. Clearly, not the same as parenting, but it may still contribute to a conversation.

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