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Hypothetical question about learning to dance...

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So, uhm, for a class or a lesson, I don't need to have a partner?

I'm....big & clumsy. I'm not sure anyone would want to be stuck dancing with me. :blushing:


ETA: Not sure what kind of dancing. Not square dancing. It just seems like it would be a fun way to be more active, become a little more graceful (hopefully), and become a little more comfortable in my own body.

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Hi Julie,


It really depends on what type of dancing you are interested in. Do you want to take a group class or a private lesson? There are many beginning adult classes in jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, etc.


To find classes look in the yellow pages for private studios, extension services for community colleges, gym's, community centers. This is a great way to meet people and learn a dance technique without paying too much. They are also easy to do witout a partner :-)


If you are interested in ballroom classes you can take a group class or private lessons. As with anything, private lessons are going to be much more expensive. Group classes again can be very fun and many times there are more women than men, so you learn both positions.


You are never to old to learn how to dance! Get out there and have fun!!!




PS I heard Zumba is very fun and is very popular right now.

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Take an adult dance class! I started at 38. There are lots of adults out there who dance. Ask around for a local studio that offers classes. Or maybe the local Y. Most places will let you try a class before you commit. Now adult classes vary - some are more for people who have seriously danced their whole lives - that's probably not the right fit for you. You'll probably want a more "recreational" kind of approach. Tap dance is great for all ages - there are women in their 60's in my class (as well as a few teenagers, but most of us are over 40). Ballet is a gentle stretch and strength thing, also good for all ages - I've taken an adult class with people in their 20's through their 70's, and age really had nothing to do with how good they were at dance. Jazz is another option, or some kind of Latin/Salsa (there are classes that aren't partner dancing), or even African or bellydancing! Some areas offer worship dance, if that's your kind of thing. Look around and see what is in your area. Another option is line dancing, often done to either soul or country music.


In the classes I take (ballet, tap, jazz) we wear the appropriate shoes (though no one expects a newcomer to have them the first few weeks while they decide about the class), and casual exercise wear. Some folks wear more "dance" wear, others have track pants and a t-shirt.


Everyone who dances has to start somewhere, so we all know what it was like to be a beginner. Don't expect to walk in on the first night and be able to instantly do what everyone else has been working on for a while. So long as you are trying, it's OK. Adult dancers are very encouraging to newcomers! There's a thread here from NanceXToo about trying out a dance class - you might want to dig it up and check it out!

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As a dance academy owner, let me tell you it is NEVER too late! :)


You can do it! Start calling local ballroom schools or academy's (depending on style you are looking for)


Tap can actually be really fun and a challenging workout. :D


Good luck! Keep us posted :)

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Look at college and adult schools in your area first... I've taken beginning ballet (at age 32) and found it the most difficult thing ever. But I did love it! I'm thinking of signing up for another class, though I'm heavier and more out of shape than I was then... and the idea of putting on a leotard is kind of frightening. But when I get my courage up, I'm going to do it.


Folk dancing is really fun and doesn't require a partner or much knowledge or fitness. I like European folk music, so it can be cool. I would imagine that contra dancing or square dancing would be similar.


I hope you do it! I'd love to take a dance class, but... like you... I feel a little reluctant.

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A few years ago I took ballroom dancing lessons thru a local community center. It was just delightful! The students ranged in age from 20 to 89. There was such a wide range of skills and even methods. Some folks were at the lessons just so they would have a fun time and a partner, especially the retired seniors. Others were there to hone their skills. I also took lessons at a private center. The private center was nice because the instructor was mine alone for an hour - and he couldn't complain about being my partner LOL. I leatrned the most in private instruction, but I had the most fun in the community group lessons.

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There is a Polish-American club in my city that meets I think once a week and they have live polka music (and dancing) a full sit down meal and it's just a great place for families. There are little ones and elderly ones and everyone in between. I went a couple of times and I had never polka'ed in my life (I'm Cuban) and they taught me how and we had such a great time. If your city has something similar, that might be a non-threatening way to get your hubby (as well as your whole family involved). :) Just a thought. :) Good luck. Dancing is so much fun. Personally I love the latin dances, but I'm biased. ;) :D

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