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Classical Conversations cards question


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I had hoped to do CC next year, but it looks like there may not be space for us. I am now considering doing CC at home, and was reading past threads about that.


I had thought I would order the Foundations Guide, audio CD, and Veritas Press cards, but when I went to the CC website, now I am a little unsure about what I need.


Are they still using the Veritas Press cards for the history timeline? All I see on their website is "Cycle # Memory Master Cards". Do the Memory Master Cards include what the VP cards had in the past? Or do you order the VP cards from the VP website in addition to the Memory Master Cards?


If they don't use the VP cards, and all the timeline cards are now included in the MM Cards, has the Foundations Guide been updated to reflect that? Or am I going to be reading "look at VP card blue 7" and not have a coordianting card?


Am I making this harder than it is? :)

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Sorry to hear that CC Foundations may not have a spot for you. If you're truly interested, contact the Foundations Director and ask her to let you know when you can register. Families move or change their minds . . . you never know!


Even if you can't register, try to go visit you local CC group for the day so you can see for yourself "how it's done". That will give you some ideas about how you could implement Foundations in your home.


To do Foundations at home you will need the basic resources. Here is a link:



You'll need:

Foundations Guide

All 5 sets of the VP History Cards

Tin Whistle (a recorder would work, too)


If you plan to do the Art and Music you'll need "Discovering Great Artists" and "Classical Music for Dummies" (it comes with a music CD).


If you plan to do the science experiments/projects, you'll need "Janice VanCleave's 201 Awesome Bizzare Experiments."


The fine arts and science resources can be found here: http://www.classicalconversationsbooks.com/fotupa.html


I highly recommend the Memroy Cards, too. Basically they are flashcards of all of the memory work. I use them to play reveiw games with my kids.


We love CC here! Best wishes to you!

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