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Looking for suggestions for character-building books that are gender specific ----

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Please make tried-and-true suggestions of books that you have at least read.


I am working to establish reading throughout middle and upper schools for the purpose of developing / guiding young Christian men and women. But I need some guidance from those who have read ones that are helpful.


Some authors I'm looking at right now are Bob Schultz , Doug Bond, Doug Wilson, Karen Andreola, Elizabeth George, Stacy McDonald,....


Please add to this list of authors AND particular titles of books that could be used throughout the year for character development for both girls and boys.



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How to be your own selfish pig is a great book. It really gets into the why of morality - not just to be good, but to please God, kwim?


Growing Up Christian is another good one - scroll down and read Tim Challies' review. I really could not add anything to it except to say that it led to some good talks with my older daughters.


Do Hard Things was pretty good. It was sort of an annoying read but, as it was so real, it also led to some great discussions. Sometimes the hard things are so small and home/family oriented that they are harder to do than making a grand sacrifice would be, and that is something my daughters really needed to read!


ETA: Oh - gender specific!!! Never mind....but these books really are good so I won't delete them. Now I am off to think about gender specific books!

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Girl Talk This book is wonderful! Since it is designed as a mother/daughter book, I don't know if it could easily be used in a classroom. But if you are just making a list of recommended books for the families in your school, this would be a great one!!


There are two books that have been very helpful to me as an adult and I know that there are *teen* versions of them - I have not read these versions but I think they would be worth checking out. I am considering getting the Lies one for my oldest daughter. The For Young Women Only book is more about boys/sex and I don't think I need it for my girls at this point, but I can see that it would be very helpful for certain girls!


Lies Women Believe - Lies Young Women Believe


For Women Only - For Young Women Only

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