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Is raw diet always so EXPENSIVE?

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My husband decided to switch to a raw diet. More power to him. He said he would be making his breakfasts and lunches, and would just eat whatever I normally cook for dinner. MIL bought him a juicer, and he bought a $90 blender. Fine - my old blender was 20 years old anyway.


Then he started bringing home the produce.... Just for him alone, only breakfasts and lunches, his food cost for one month was $775! :eek: The total shopping bill for the rest of the family was $575, which includes the cost for his dinners as well. (Because his breakfasts and lunches used to be inexpensive, my grocery bill has not significantly decreased.)


We cannot afford this! We had to cancel our medical insurance a year ago and our savings account is very, very low. I mentioned it to him nicely last night, saying that he probably didn't realize how much he's been spending, but he didn't say anything. At the beginning I suggested he buy regular, non-organic produce, because organic costs more. However, he has been buying organic, and mostly from very high-end specialty markets, too. He buys himself almond butter for $5 instead of the healthy and tasty peanut butter that I get for the rest of us for $1.79. He says his raw food books say that peanut butter is not digested easily. Well, I'm having a harder time digesting a $1,300 food bill!


Maybe he'll tone it down this next month, or maybe not. If I push him about it, I will likely get to hear how he needs this, and he deserves it, and he works hard, and if I am so concerned why haven't I gotten a job, because that takes priority over homeschool. (I did do temp. work at a dentist's office over the summer, and now fill in there for vacations, etc., btw.) Does anyone here do a raw diet for a REASONABLE cost, and how?

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He needs to tone it down - and can. You can buy tons of produce for much less. Can you ask him to give you the grocery list and see how much it costs you to buy his items? Then y'all can compare prices and discuss strategies for making his diet work in your budget. If you keep the tone light and almost like a game, perhaps it will keep him from getting defensive.

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I'd be suggesting he combine it with exercise and fresh air, and start growing some of it himself. It's not hard to grow salad greens. I have two trays of sunflower lettuce and two of mustard in my kitchen window at the moment. I bought the sunflower seeds for $4/kg from the pet food shop :)



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My DH and I went on a mostly raw diet last spring. Our food bill actually decreased. We were already eating a lot of fresh, organic, locally grown produce, but once we decided to commit to a raw diet, I became very conscious of how much I was spending. I found that I shopped better and was more focused on buying what we could reasonably eat (fresh) in a week.

(Have to agree on the raw almond butter vs peanut butter. I will never go back to peanut butter.)

Is he juicing most of his meals? That can get very, very expensive fast! He needs more bulk in his diet, which is cheaper to get with raw seeds and nuts than juices.

My DH won't eat nuts or seeds, but he fills up on raw carrots for breakfast and afternoon snack.

Ditto on growing what he can. Salad greens are super easy to grow.

Don't know what climate you live in, but Elliott Coleman has a book on growing veggies in cold climates. (I haven't read, as I am in the south and can garden year-round.)

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I tried to go on a raw diet once, and was able to keep it up for about 2 months, but the cost is what did me in. I couldn't afford it. I wasn't spending anywhere near the amount you are describing, though. I think it was about $75 a week for groceries for myself. I was also buying barley green and juicing carrots. The juicing got expensive. Is he taking a lot of supplements? I can understand why he wants to stay on it, I really did feel a lot better while I was on it. Peanut butter does not work on a raw diet because you really aren't supposed to eat peanuts raw.

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