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African History Help Please


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I started homeschooling our sixth grader five months ago, and we are ready to study africa as a continent, and historically. I am trying to find a good book for a sixth grader to read about African History, something that doesn't dive TOO deeply into any one subject. We plan to hit slavery as a separate subject at a later date, although we have already talked about it while studying South America and pre-independent America!


We found a book that met these requirements on South America at the library, and he ended up renewing it twice and then checking it out again he reread it so many times and loved it! I am having a really hard time finding one book to read on Africa, there are so many that are on specific countries or on specific people... any advice is much appreciated! I did find a great book on Anansi and other stories, but I want a book about the history of the continent and it's people :)

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Can you check the SA book/author to see if there are books about other continents in the same series and/or by the same author?


I have a book on Africa that I really like, but I don't know if it's readily available now. It's called History of the World: Africa (8th to 18th Century), Italian text by Chiara Robertazzi, English trans. by Mary Di Ianni, published by Raintree Steck-Vaughn Publishers.




And I use a lot of more specific books, too, including a lot of Cobblestone publications about specific African states. You can get a lot of those back issues for about $6.95 each if your library doesn't carry them. They also have teacher guides online for a lot of them.


Here's one of the Yoruba, for instance, that I just used this year:



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A book that might be a fun supplementary book is the Modern Rhymes About Ancient Times series book about Ancient Africa. It's a paperback picture book with load of info about people groups, geography, events etc. Easy reading for a 6th grader, but nice art and well presented.

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