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Sitting marking Math and reading threads

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which is probably not a good idea, since I'm doing more reading than marking, and I ought to be getting to bed.


We've been pretty busy today; it's been snowing quite a bit here, we have about 2in down, which is not a lot but enough for the kids to have some fun! Today is my tidying and cleaning day, but I got a little distracted with the laundry and spent what seemed like half the day folding clothes. DD11 and DD9 gave DD2 and DS5 a Bible lesson, and then did some math (the same that I'm now marking.. supposed to be marking..) and had a little go at memorizing their poem of the month. This month they're learning "Love Unfeigned" by Geoffrey Chaucer so we get some laughs out of the funny language: "that wol his herte al hoolly on him leye" seems to cause a lot of mirth!


DD11 and DD9 had ballet lessons this afternoon; their exams are on Thursday and I'm relieved to say that not only are they doing just fine, but that we also managed to retrieve DD11's character shoes from some dark corner of the studio where she denied that she'd left them last week. *phew*.


How has your day gone today?

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