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I am so mad I am shaking

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WHO? WHO in their right mind sees a hamster run across a family room and does NOT TELL THE KIDS!!!??? The answer would be my stupid, unmarried, no children,ignorant as hell brother in law! He just now told us that he saw it this morning walking in the family room!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So now the kids are frantic and we have been searching all 6000 available sq feet of this house. What are the chances?:confused:


We just found the darn thing! It was behind the fridge which I pulled out 2 times! I guess it was somewhere under it, in it?:glare:

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I have found escaped hamsters safely several times. They like to be close to their homes. I hope you find him soon!


ETA: And your BIL is an unprintable word. Several of them, in fact.

My plan is to leave the cage on the floor open tonight in hopes her nose brings her home

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Sorry, hope you find it.


As far as bil, he really may just be ignorant. I once left an iron cord hanging off the board while visiting my sil's house and was torn a new one by bil because the kids could've pulled it down on themselves. I felt terrible, but I didn't have kids at the time and it really just didn't dawn on me, kwim?

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well, many, many years before I had kids, I was a babysitter. I was sitting for a friend while she was at work late. When the kids were asleep and I was reading on the couch out walked a hampster. I should mention that I DO NOT LIKE rodents. I made a good attempt to catch the fuzzy thing but it got away. I told my friend, all in a panic, as soon as she walked in the door. She informed me that they allowed the hampster to walk around for days at a time because it seemed to like it.


She isn't even the first person who has told me this! Other people have told me that they routinely allow their hampster or gerbil or whatever weekend furloughs! EWWW!


So, now, if I see a hampster walking around in a house I just figure, to each her own.

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