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Science Curriculum Similar to REAL Science


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We purchased a science currciculum for Dd to use in 5th-8th grade.

After looking over the curriculum Dh and I decided to nix it.

We like the looks of REAL Science, but noticed it only goes through 5th grade.

Is there a science curriculum similar to REAL Science by Pandia Press for grades 5-8th?

Thank you!

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Weeeeel, you have a 9 year old (nudge, nudge) who could use it soon (push, push). If you have a swim suit on, you might as well go for a swim (shoooove, SPLASH).


I'll wait until next year at least.




OK, this looks so much more in depth than HO. If you don't try it, we will this summer!



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The assumption when purchasing Classiquest, Noeo or other similar programs is that Usborne and Kingfisher are written in a more engaging manner than science textbooks. That was true in the past, but not know. When we started homeschooling the textbooks offered dry, predigested material. We used library books until I saw some beautiful new science textbooks that were logically presented and engaging with fabulous images and critical thinking sprinkled around. We switched to a secular science publisher, but when I heard about Noeo a few years ago I decided to try it. Boring. The Usborne and other reference material were dry and predigested and it was disjointed. That's what I see when I look at Classiquest. I don't see anything classical about it. When using library books for science the "Science Yellow Pages: For Students and Teachers" includes more than enough memory work and you can pick it up used for a buck. I believe "Everything you Need to Know about Science Homework" is very similar.

Looking to add in history? Pick up a used copy of Asimov's "Breakthroughs in Science" for those under 12 and "100 Greatest Science Discoveries of All Time" for those older.

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