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s/o Dental Surgery...Kids Activities, Help!

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Ok. Wolf is taking Monday off. I'm in surgery at 7am.


We've been told I'll be out of it the rest of the day. We'll see.


However, I have also been told that the pain is going to be hitting 2nd day and beyond, if its not already an issue the first day.


I'm not planning on Wolf being home for more than surgery day...we just can't afford it.


That being said, can you suggest some crafts/activities for the kids to do while Mommy lays on the couch and drools? I'm planning to hit the mall as soon as Diva finishes her math test, so I can pick up supplies for what I figure will probably be at least 3 days out of commission.



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I am suggesting this b/c we did this two weeks ago:


decorate Christmas ornaments. Clear plastic Christmas balls -- fiber fill stuffing, googly eyes, markers - VOILA! snowman!


http://familycrafts.about.com/od/snowpeople/ss/gbsnowman.htm This snowman is a little more 'fancy' than the ones I made, ours didn't have earmuffs (it's going to be 60 degrees F today).


And we bought glitter paint and swirled it around in clear plastic balls - different colors, let them hang upside down in empty paper cups to drip and dry.


There are tons of 'foam' packs that the kids can make Christmas cards with.


And, THAT is the extent of my 'craft' expertise -- I am much better at decorating.;)


ETA: Oh, yes, beads! GENIUS!

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