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Reading list for my dd 2nd/3rd grade reading level


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I am trying to figure out what books to have her read for school. I would like to have some at her reading level and some above.





You can check out SL's Reader 2 Reg, Int, and Adv to start. Sounds like you might want to go straight to the Intermediate level. Reg are mostly at the 2nd grade level but int are more 3rd /4th grade. Adv are between 3rd and 5th. Although they were way below my ds's level, he just finished 2 Reg and really enjoyed it. We'll start with 2 Int in Feb. He's reading at the 2 Adv level but I don't see any reason to skip the other great books. They have a list of all the books and most are readily available at the library. You can also buy the schedule and questions for a few $ if you feel like you need it. That option ends when you get to Readers 3, though.

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