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Attn Spellers: Why is the word "behind" spelled that way?


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It might be a simple crazy or crazy simple answer. But, why is "behind" spelled the way it is? What is making the "i" long? We are Southerners who use AAS if that helps.


The way I would explain it to my ds.


It's a two syllable word.


1st syllable: be. E says it's 2nd (long) sound because it is at the end of an open syllable.


2nd syllable: hind. I says it's second (long) sound because "I and O may say /I/ and /O/ (their long sounds) before two consonants."

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Barton Reading explains it this way. "Hind" looks like a closed syllable, in which the i would be short. But it's a unit syllable, so the i is long. Units that have a long vowel sound are oll, old, ost (except cost, lost, and frost), ind, and ild.


I'm not at home, so I can't check to see if I included all the units. I think there should be 4 o__ units, but if so, I can't remember the 4th one.

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