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Have you been looking for an inexpensive Waldorf-knockoff nativity set?

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I just had to share this one... Years ago, when my kiddos were toddlers, I drooled over the beautiful wooden Waldorf-style nativity sets like this one:


But they're insanely expensive. Beautiful. Assuredly the artisans put in that much work. Heirlooms, certainly. But far, far beyond my price range.


And then I found this one:


I bought it on sale for $25. It's made of a lighter weight wood and it's not quite the heirloom that the other sets would be -- but it was affordable and beautiful and my kids have now played with it every year for at least 8 years.


The original company that sold mine has since gone out of business, but I'm delighted to see that the set is still being made and sold at a reasonable price. It comes in a large wooden box for storage...


Because these are lighter pieces, they *can* break. We've chipped one of our palm trees (and "fixed" it with a marker). So I wouldn't give these to children under 3. Still, in 8 years, that's the only accident (well, there's also some additional crayon decoration on one of the wisemen that wasn't originally there), so I feel pretty good about my investment. :)


Anyway, I just thought someone else might be looking for the same thing I was -- a beautiful, not cartoon-ish, kid-friendly nativity for the kids to play with each year, at a price that's not completely unreachable.

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I bet Anne Moze All Wood Toys could make one at a reasonable price.


Second this! She custom made the figures for our castle (smaller scale than what she typically makes) and my sister has also had people and animal figures made. Her work is wonderful, she's quick, and the prices are very reasonable.


That said, we've been building our Ostheimer Nativity set for the past several years which IS pricey, but their mini-Nativity isn't quite as high.

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